Compression Garments

Sig_4Compression Therapy

We at Footwork Orthotics bring you the leading manufacturers of compression garments from day to day compression therapy requirments, too helping athletes of all levels perform better for longer periods of time.

By compressing the limb with graduated compression – strong at the ankle and decreasing going up the leg – the compression stocking helps the venous return, decreases venous pressure, prevents venous stasis and deterioration of venous walls, and efficiently relieves aching and heavy legs.

This treatment is prescribed by a physician to treat phlebitis, thrombosis and aftercare following surgery, sclerotherapy, any other forms of varicose vein treatment. It is also used to relieve all conditions of chronic venous disease such as, heavy legs, varicose veins, oedemas, and leg ulcers. It can also be prescribed to prevent venous troubles during pregnancy and in long distance travel.

Depending on the pathology, medical compression therapy can be applied in different forms such as socks, stockings, pantyhose and/or bandages.

AthletesAthletes Don’t Stand Still

Footwork Orthotics carries a full line of compression socks to full body solutions. Footwork Orthotics brings you what we feel are the most advanced athletic compression garments in the world. We would like to introduce to the world the SKINS 400 Series compression garments.

This revolution in design and concept brings you the world’s first compression equipment designed specifically for the human body in motion. Using archaic and outdated measurement devices, most compression manufacturers take compression readings on their subjects in the passive state, and publish these readings in millimeters of mercury – or mmHg. These measurements present an obvious – yet previously unresolved – problem when applied to the body; athletes don’t stand still. In the dynamic state, the human body works in ways many (if not all) compression manufacturers disregard; limbs change diameter with blood flow, muscles get larger and smaller with contraction and extension, and joints operate in three dimensional planes with both linear and rotational movements. Through the use of our proprietary warp-knit microfiber material, a feature in ALL SKINS compression equipment, in addition to a wide array of revolutionary fabric technologies and product innovations, SKINS 400 Series is the world’s first compression equipment designed specifically to provide engineered gradient compression to the moving body.